I have a interview at Home Depot for sales associates, what to wear for business casual?

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Go look at what the other sales associates wear, and wear something like that but a little nicer.If you expect to be on the floor a lot and not behind a register, I wouldn't go for a dress shirt--I'd go for a casual shirt with a collar, pants that are not dress-pants thin but not jeans or pocket-filled khakis (plainer khakis or brown pants) would be good.If you have steel toed boots, I'd wear those.

I was nearly downchecked for a job just because I dressed too nice.You need to look professional, but you need to look like you aren't afraid to get dirty and do some work too.
Other Answers
Depends - how old are you, is this a career type field, or are you going to be doing summer and after school work?It wouldn't hurt to have a fresh haircut and a tie.This is a business, after all.Besides - you want to look neat and tidy and professional, and you want to stand out from the other applicants, even if you're a student.
Everything sounds fine but the sneakers. Go for loafers/dress shoes. It's more appropriate