Computer Class Test!!! HELP!!!!?
2 years ago
I need the answers to these questions:1. Which of the following devices is needed to share an Internet connection on a wireless network? A. A wireless hub B. A fiber-optic cable C. A modem D. A wireless router2. Which of the following network adapters is most likely to be preinstalled in a typical notebook computer today?A. A power-line adapterB. A transceiverC. A modemD. Both a wireless and a wired network adaptar3. Due to the expansion of media files on home computers, ________ options are now being marketed; however, they are not as full featured as their business-world counterparts.A. Home network serverB. External hard driveC. NetworkD. Online storage4. Although 802.11n will work with 802.11g adapters, you will not achieve 802.11n data transfer rates unless all adapters are 802.11n.True or False5. All desktop and notebook systems sold today are network ready.True or False6. A printer connected to a wireless network is considered to be a node on that network.True or False7. Network architectures are classified according to ________.A. The distance between the hub and the routerB. The bandwidth supplied by the connectionC. The way they are controlled and the distance between their nodesD. The speed at which the processor runs8. A client computer is the computer on which users accomplish specific tasks.True or False9. Network adapters ________.A. Are built into the motherboard on each nodeB. Enable nodes in a network to communicate with each otherC. Are always Ethernet NICsD. Are necessary only on servers in a client/server network10. It is generally better to extend your wired network using wireless technology than to use repeaters or splice cable. True or False11. Current wireless Ethernet networks in the United States are based on the IEEE 802.3 standard.True or False

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1. This one may be tricky.You do need a wireless device, but to connect to the internet you will need some type of modem somewhere along the line.
2: This one also could be tricky.Take a look around at notebooks, pull up a couple of ads and check the specs.What makes it tricky is that iPads and like devices are becoming more popular for use as notebooks.These are so thin that they do not have RJ45 Ethernet ports.
3: If it is not marketed as a pro or business use it is sold as a _____ version.
4: There are times when Wikipedia is a good place to begin to look.Compare the standards.
5: All?Can you find one that does not?
6: What is a node?Does the printer fit this definition?
7: Look up the definition of "Network Architecture"
8: Look up the definition of "Client Computer"
9: What does a Network adaptor do?
10: Think about the cost, time and effort for each option.
11: See IEEE link
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Answer to number 1:

Stop trying to cheat, and open a book and study before a test instead of coming to Y!A to cheat. These are the kinds of people that will be running our country in the future? If so, I'm incredibly fearful...