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Debenhams job application/interview help?
2 years ago
I'm applying online for a job at Debenhams. It's just a temporary part time job but I have no previous retail experience, just in customer service, and I am finding some of the questions rather difficult.Our commitment to training and development encourages our people to grow their futures with us. If successful in joining our team, how will you become an expert at what you do?andAt Debenhams, our people make all the difference to our customers. If you were a Stock Movement Adviser with us, how would our customers know that you are focused on their individual shopping experience?Any help in answering these questions would be greatly appreciated, many thanks!

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Retail IS customer service... just face to face instead of maybe over the phone.

You can answer those questions easily if you relate them to your customer service experience. It would be the same.Don't freak - I'm sure they are just looking to make sure that you know how to be personable, professional, courteous, quick and efficient!!
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