Question on what I have to put down for criminal background checks?

Here's my record:

2003, age 16: Arrested for third degree burglary and third degree criminal mischief. The burglary charge got dismissed and I spent sixty days in jail. (Misdemeanor)
2004, age 17: Arrested under suspicion of committing murder. They found probable cause to keep me detained, but at trial they found me not guilty. No conviction, just spent time in jail awaiting trial.

Do I have to put down my misdemeanor conviction from when I was a minor? What about the arrest in 2004 that I was found not guilty? I know I have to put down the felony charge I got in 2005 when I was 18 because I was a legal adult, but what about the other two?

Oh, and the state is New York.

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If you are applying for a law enforcement job, you need to list everything as your BI has access to ALL of your records. And as far as I know, a felony is an automatic DQ at all agencies.
If this is just a standard background check, if you were a minor at the time and your record was expunged when you turned 18, you do not need to put down the misdemeanor. I am not entirely sure about the arrest under suspicion of murder, but since you were not convicted I doubt it would show up on your permanent record.
Only the 2003 arrest. The 2004 one you weren't convicted of so it doesn't matter. They will see that you were tried and found not guilty in the 2004 arrest, but it shouldn't have any sort of impact.
Most states consider juvenile court records to be confidential, and the public and media are denied access to them.
The criminal record that you put down is when you are adult cause it could be access during a background check.The juvenile record only when you are applying into a military or Taking a criminal justice course.
If in case you want to check your record you may try the online site that offer a background criminal record check.

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